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It’s the nineth day of Jamuary2023! Today, we are again exploring the Model Electronics Craftsynth 2.0, the Novation Lauchpad Pro mk3, the Zoom G3n, and a little bit of Ableton Live. Please enjoy the video.

After playing with the CraftSynth 2.0, I am left wondering if I really should be selling it. Sure, it’s “just another wavetable monosynth,” and it doesn’t fit the “Plan” of having hardware that is duplicated in software, like the Wavestate or opsys. But, the Microfreak isn’t [yet] available as a VST, and I’m never getting rid of that!

And, truth be told, the CraftSynth seems a little more than just another wavetable monosynth. Sure, the build quality leaves a bit to be desired, and the control layout is quirky at best. But I have to admit that it really sounds fantastic. I mean, this track isn’t perfect — it’s just another experimental jam — but three passes through the looper and a live noodle, and it sounds like a full-on song.

Sadly, it appears to have been discontinued (I just discovered this while looking up what I paid for it), at least here in the US. It was really an excellent value at $149. I guess I’d better keep it for a while longer.

I hope you’re enjoying the music, and I also hope you’re enjoying the variety of music being made by others. Here, again, are the links to #jamuary2023 content on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook:
Jamuary2023 on YouTube
Jamuary2023 on Instagram
Jamuary2023 on Facebook

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