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On this nineteenth day of #jamuary2023, I get pretty trippy with the Korg opsix, the Boss rc-3, and effects from the Zoom g3n and Behringer Flow8 mixer/interface.

Today’s jam got weird. It started out to be Berlin School, but somewhere along the lines it took a turn and here we are.

The setup is the same as it has been all week: Korg opsix into the Boss RC-3 looper, and from there, into the little Behringer Flow8 mixer. I’ve got the Zoom G3n setup on an AUX send and returning to a stereo input. I added just a touch of that, along with a touch of echo and reverb with the Flow8 internal effects. Everything is looped except the very last set of synth noodles.

All of the opsix patches are factory-based, meaning I only made subtle alterations to the effects in the patches, mostly cutting them back or replacing mono effects with stereo. Where the arpeggiator was used, I cut the temp waaaaaay back (all the arps in the factory patches are far too fast for my liking).

I also found a cool new thing can do in the Clipchamp video editor, and now the background graphics can have some using some non-traditional layer effects. It’s going to be more effective/more interesting with some background images than others, but I thought the effect worked well with this one. So, now the red bits are all swirly. Pretty cool, I think.

I hope you’re enjoying the music, and I also hope you’re enjoying the variety of music being made by others. Here, again, are the links to #jamuary2023 content on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook:
Jamuary2023 on YouTube
Jamuary2023 on Instagram
Jamuary2023 on Facebook

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