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NEW MUSIC: Morana’s Call

Beware Morana’s Call…. Morana, enigmatic goddess of winter, possesses an allure that transcends mere mortal’s understanding. Her eyes hold the depths of frozen lakes, and her touch carries the chill of snow-kissed winds. When she walks through the forest, trees lean closer, whispering secrets of… Read More »NEW MUSIC: Morana’s Call

I Remember MiniBrute

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In 2012, Arturia launched the MiniBrute, initiating its influential series of analog synthesizers. Despite its lack of preset saving, its connection capabilities and robust sound made it popular. The series expanded, introducing various models (MatrixBrute, PolyBrute, MicroBrute, MiniBrute 2) and now the MiniBrute V recreates the MiniBrute in software, enhancing the original with features like polyphony and effects.

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