• Excuse Me, Which Way to the Swamp?

    Found this little critter, a swamp cidada I believe, wandering around my driveway this morning, and it appears to be pretty fresh from it’s shell — it’s left wing isn’t completely unfurled yet! When I knelt down to get some shots and put my phone close to the ground, it actually turned towards the lens for a few moments, as if to pose and say, “Well, hello there!” And then, it turned again and continued on its way. This is the first green cicada I’ve ever seen. All the others have been the typical dark brown/black ones with the bright

  • Back Forty

    Took a little walk around the house the other night. Pictures with my Pixel 4XL.

  • Union Alley Saturday Morning

    Just a simple cell phone shot (Pixel 4XL), edited with Snapseed, on this rainy Saturday morning. Snapped while dropping off food at a local food pantry here in Westminster.

  • Rock ‘N’ Roll Bands

    Musicians and bands, both on stage and in the studio, taken over the 20+ years I’ve been making images with a digital camera…

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