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Copyright, Trademark, Intellectual Property, and Fair Use Statement

The contents of this site are the intellectual and artistic property of Geren W. Mortensen, Jr., and are protected by applicable copyright laws. Works created by others and presented on this web site are covered by either a usage agreement with the original creator, or by Fair Use laws.

Please do not take anything from this site for your own use or republication without at least letting me know first, at which time they may be able to be used under Fair Use laws. Please note that I am not authorized to convey usage rights to anything here that did not originate here (in other words, content that is used here under Fair Use law, or by agreement with the original creator). Under no circumstances are any text, images, graphics, or other content from this site to be used for any commercial usage whatsoever with out express written permission from myself or the owner.

If you feel that I have used something of yours in an inappropriate manner, please let me know by sending me the link to your work where it appears on my site, and I’ll gladly take a look and reconsider how and why I’m using it, and we can move forward together from there. The easiest way to alert me of a problem is to place a comment on the post that you’re questioning. I’ll get an email right away. If there’s not a comment form for the item in question, copy the link and past it into the contact form. In any case, please make sure that you’re using a real, verifiable email address and your real name when you contact me.

The terms “On30Guy” and “The On30 Guy” are recognized trademarks of, and are copywritten property of Geren W. Mortensen, Jr.

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