Kronos Accessory DVD-ROM Images

There seem to be a lot of people who have difficulties downloading the ISO files used for reimaging a Korg Kronos from the official Korg support web site — Korg’s site is very slow to load and a bit cranky when it comes to downloads. A lot of times it just plain fails. Since I have a complete set of DVDs from my Kronos 2, I thought I’d make some ISOs and upload them to my Google Drive for folks who can’t make the Korg site work.

Discovering Electronic Music

Fran Blanche of Frantone posted this fascinating film by Bernard Wilets, which looks at early electronic music, to her YouTube channel, and I just had to share it. The film features several people who went on to make their names in electronic music, including Rory Kaplan, Douglas Leedy, and Jean-Claude […]

Some [Over]simplified Science of Sound Synthesis – Ring Modulation

Following a recent Discord discussion of Ring Modulation in sound synthesis, I put together a little video demonstration of the something called “ring modulation.” In synthesizers, this is a method of using one audio source to modify, or modulate, another. It’s also the basis of amplitude modulation. Think AM radio. […]

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