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Dark Days Video Premiere

YouTube Premiere of Dark Days, a music video based on a challenge to make a piece of music using a sample provided by the challenger. In my case, I chose to “over achieve” and use the sample as the source data to create all of… Read More »Dark Days Video Premiere

Behringer Pro-800 — Voice of the Prophets

Behringer has done a really nice job of capturing the essence of the Prophet-600 with the GliGli and even taken it a couple steps further. It is most certainly worth the $400USD price tag if you’re in the market for a great sounding, real analog, vintage-style synth module!

AI Art on A.D.D.

My friend Kevin sent me a link this morning to a video on YouTube; Procol Harum’s Whiter Shade of Pale illustrated by AI. The creator of the video had used MidJourney to create all the images, and had created an image for each line of the song.

Bernie Krause — Making the Moog Cool

  • Music

Bernie Krause could be considered a musical maverick, being among the first to recognize the possibilities of synthesizers in popular music and film scoring.

Sneaky Peek

There are a few cool new things that have arrived at The Disaster Room, or are on the way. Here’s a sneak peek at something that’s on the way…

Watchin’ Your [op]six…

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Hot on the heels of the Wavestate mkII, SE, and SE Platinum, Korg have just announced the opsix SE and SE Platinum. Like the Wavestate models, they’ve basically repackaged the guts from the standard model in a new case and substituted the excellent 61-key keybed alleged to be from the Kronos. And also, like the Wavestate counterparts, the opsix SE models ship with a custom hard case, making them gig-ready.

Polybrute = Mind Blown

  • Music

I’ll say it again: Polybrute = Mind Blown. I mentioned earlier in the week, in my post about Korg’s update to the Wavestate, that I’d picked up a flagship-level analog synth. Well, now you know what it is: an Arturia Polybrute Noir Edition. And as… Read More »Polybrute = Mind Blown

The State of Wave[state]

  • Music

Back in 2020 or thereabouts (thenabouts?), Korg reinvented the Wavestation, and called it the wavestate. With four complete wave sequencing synth engines and the ability to mix and morph between them, the wavestate packed a lot of punch in its 37-key body, and pushed the Raspberry Pi Compute Module beyond what most mortals thought possible.

Visual Synthesis

One of the things I think about when I think about electronic music is the future performance aspects. Unlike a “regular” band, there’s not a lot happening on the stage for an audience to look at. So, what does the visual aspect of an electronic music performance look like?

Five Years Gone

… despite a bump in the road here and there, playing in 7Souls has been the absolute best band experience I have ever had and I think the world of every member, present and past. It truly has been an experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

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