After The Storm

A few shots taken after the hella storm we had. No damage at our place, but we ended up without power for almost 12 hours, which knocked out our internet and phones – even our cell phones were pretty useless, since we live at a low-point, and the cell signal is horrible.

By GerenM July 13, 2022 0

Histories of the Modular Synthesizer

This is post 12 of 13 in the series “Synth Pioneers” This series highlights pioneers in electronic music. It is not intended to be a deep dive, but rather a jumping off point for further exploration. I welcome your comments and insights on any of the posts, and welcome any additional information you might come…

By GerenM July 4, 2022 0

New Music — Work In Progress

Ableton Live has fairly quickly blown my mind open creatively. With little more than my laptop, I can quickly sketch out an idea. Within the first week, I was able to sketch out some great ideas which are all now at various stages of development. I’ll throw my ideas into this playlist for consumption and…

By GerenM July 2, 2022 0

Posts About Making Video

I’ve added a new category and menu to the website to contain posts about video creation. How much use it will get remains to be seen, but I’m seeing that a big part of releasing one’s music also seems to now almost require a video component. So, as I learn more about those aspects of…

By GerenM June 25, 2022 0