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It’s Jamuary Again! Day One

It’s that time of year again, and I’m going to be at it again — or at least try to. Today’s stream features the Native Instruments Kontrol S49 MkIII controlling a hybrid configuration consisting of Ableton Live and a mixture of hardware and software synths.

Forward Backward Upside Down

Another new piece of music. This work-in-progress came about while I was exploring Arturia’s Analog Lab Pro, and my collection of Native Instruments plug-ins. The inspiration came from the bassline found in Arturia’s Acid V (the player-only version included with Analog Lab). So, two tracks… Read More »Forward Backward Upside Down

Podolski’s Inner Workings

I’ve been musicing today! A musical work in progress using mostly instruments and effects included with Ableton Live 11 Suite, except for a couple of tracks made with u-he’s free Podolski VST instrument.

Ambient Drone 230813

I made a new noise this evening. It started out to be another “audition” for Autochroma. And then I remember I’d wanted to try using PaulXStretch, too. One thing led to another, as it usually does. Oh, yeah. Stepic is involved, too.

Dark Days

Dark Days is the result of a seemingly simple community challenge from Free Beat — use a provided sample and create a song. Beyond that, there were no real rules or limitations imposed.


Today is Tuesday, the thirty-first day of #jamuary2023. This is it. One final jam. It is … over.

There will be more about the overall Jamuary2023 experience and my take-aways later. But not too much later, so stay tuned….


Today is Monday, the 30th day of #jamuary2023. Today again features the 1010Music nanabox LemonDrop for an industro-ambient take on the pan flute. What would Zamfir think?


This is post 29 of 31 in the series “JAMUARY2023” Videos from Jamuary 2023 #JAMUARY2023-1 #JAMUARY2023-2 #JAMUARY2023-3 #JAMUARY2023-4 #JAMUARY2023-5 #JAMUARY2023-6 #JAMUARY2023-7 #JAMUARY2023-8 #JAMUARY2023-9 #JAMUARY2023-10 #JAMUARY2023-11 #JAMUARY2023-12 #JAMUARY2023-13 #JAMUARY2023-14 #JAMUARY2023-15 #JAMUARY2023-16 #JAMUARY2023-17 #JAMUARY2023-18 #JAMUARY2023-19 #JAMUARY2023-20 #JAMUARY2023-21 #JAMUARY2023-22 #JAMUARY2023-23 #JAMUARY2023-24 #JAMUARY2023-25 #JAMUARY2023-26 #JAMUARY2023-27 #JAMUARY2023-28 #JAMUARY2023-29 #JAMUARY2023-30 #JAMUARY2023-31… Read More »#JAMUARY2023-29


I started out with the idea to do a simple, space-ambient piece using one patch in a single “real-time” pass using the Korg Wavestate. That’s not what actually happened. Such is the way of a jam, I suppose.


It’s the homestretch of #jamuary2023, and I’ve got another Korg Wavestate jam — just me, the Wavestate, and the Boss RC-3 looper.


Today’s jam continues with an exploration of the Korg Wavestate, and again uses a selection of factory presets. While I will eventually want to do more of my own sound design on the Wavestate, the sounds provided by Korg and available from third parties are excellent and are great starting points for jamming or performing.

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