• Kronos’ Public Debut

    Playing live with 7Souls at Perry’s Restaurant, May 15, 2021.Photo by Steve Kimbell This past Saturday, I played my first live gig of 2021 (the last time 7Souls played was back in November!), and my first live gig with the Kronos, at an outdoor show at Perry’s Restaurant in Odenton, MD. Playing the Kronos live was, generally speaking, a joy. That’s not to say that it was perfect. It wasn’t. But by-and-large, the experience of having great sounds at my fingertips, and being able to step through the night without having to search for

  • Korgs I’ve Owned Part 6 — Kronos 2

    In the last installment, I discussed the Kross 2, one of which I still own and actually enjoy. Now, we move on to the Kronos. As of this writing, it’s currently my main axe, and it’s a serious beast. I could write on for pages and pages and pages about what all it can do. Better to just direct you over to Korg’s web site for the Kronos 2. Or, of course, there’s a video. https://youtu.be/jshQWP0gQ-k Jordan Rudess shows off the then-new Kronos 2 at Musikmesse back in 2015. Despite being a five-or-six-year-old

  • Korgs I’ve Owned Part 5 — Kross 2

    Today, I continue the story of my affair with Korg keyboards with the Kross 2. There have been two of these: the 88-key version I bought first (and wrote about several times between January and June of 2018) and the 61-key version that I quietly acquired a few months later. I traded the 88-key version on my new Kronos 2 back in November, but have retained the 61-key version for use in my “Creation Station,” where it will be used as a master controller, sequencer, and recorder/sampler. I’ll talk about the Kronos 2 in my next installment, so let’s get

  • Birthday “Gifts” from NAMM 2021

    Korg There was some interesting after chatter and a few reactions on the net to Korg’s modwave announcement yesterday, one of which was that some folks don’t want 37-key keyboards. They want a full 61-key keybed for things like the modwave, the wavestate, and the opsix. Apparently Korg have anticipated this reaction, because now they’ve announced the wavestate SE. It’s a wavestate with 61 full-size velocity-sensitive keys … with aftertouch. And a few other enhancements. No word yet on price. https://youtu.be/uG-lZ2O5DaQ I would suppose that, depending on how

  • Korg Winter NAMM 2021 Announcements … So Far …

    I thought I’d take a moment, for those who may have missed these live streams, and share some of what Korg announced over the past day or two. These streams from earlier today have been publicly posted to YouTube, so I’m not exactly giving away any secrets. The first two videos are highlighting three new instruments from Korg, and the third is of interest for those who are curious about the differences between the Kronos and the new Nautilus. So, without further ado… https://youtu.be/gXX_FyLERIg https://youtu.be/8LuGHcVvZZw https://youtu.be/oRWdLGQSEY8

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