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Watchin’ Your [op]six…

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Hot on the heels of the Wavestate mkII, SE, and SE Platinum, Korg have just announced the opsix SE and SE Platinum. Like the Wavestate models, they’ve basically repackaged the guts from the standard model in a new case and substituted the excellent 61-key keybed alleged to be from the Kronos. And also, like the Wavestate counterparts, the opsix SE models ship with a custom hard case, making them gig-ready.


The 20th day of #jamuary2023 marks my 60th trip around the sun, and again features the Korg opsix, Boss RC-3 looper, the Zoom G3n, and the Behringer Flow8 in a simple ambient jam.


On this nineteenth day of #jamuary2023, I get pretty trippy with the Korg opsix, the Boss rc-3, and effects from the Zoom g3n and Behringer Flow8 mixer/interface.


A busy day, so my #jamuary2023 day 18 jam’s a little later than usual. It’s another day of just me and the opsix and the keys of G.


It’s the 15th of #jamuary2023! Mid-way-ish through the month, and time for a new synth to play with! We’ll be starting this week out with the Korg opsix altered FM synthesizer. And what a neat beast it is!

Korgs I’ve Owned Part 8 — Opsix: A New Approach to FM

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The opsix aims to change not only the interface shortcomings of most FM synthesizers, but also enhance the sound design capabilities by moving beyond the use of simple sine waves and also by adding the ability to use filters and other modulation sources/effects — something Korg calls “altered FM”.

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