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K.I.S.S.* is the name of the game for the sixteenth day of #jamuary2023! Just me, the Korg opsix, and the Boss RC-3.

*Keep It Simple, Stupid!

After the sound design, which I did last night, this one fell together really quickly.

I spent about 3 hours last night working with the opsix, making three sounds for today’s jam. The first sound, which I did use, is a “work in progress” and is the beginning of my attempt to simulate the sound of the SOMA Lyra-8 out-of-control effects section. I’ve almost captured the sound, but it still needs to be angrier. You can hear it growling and grumbling away in the background, underneath the perky sequenced synthflutey thing. That’s also a newly designed sound and sequence (all done within the opsix). The synth horn lead, also a new sound, is played live.

Different today, too, is only using effects internal to to opsix. The three patches were designed to work together, without treading all over each other sonically. Subsequently, the looped part actually came together during the sound design phase, leaving only the lead jam to record this morning.

I hadn’t intended to buy an opsix, but accidentally ordered one in an off-hand comment to my Sweetwater rep, Carson McClean. It’s not that I didn’t want an opsix, I just wasn’t planning to buy it when I did. But, it was being discontinued and blown out at a ridiculous price, and I’m really glad I did get one. The Boss RC-3 is also discontinued, and it’s really not my favorite looper for a few reasons. However, it’s got the ability to do really long loops. The G3n is limited to about 40 seconds in mono (20 in stereo), since I use it with the undo/redo feature enabled.

This jam is one that I could actually see being performed live, very much as it is, but with live horns and other leads (guitar, synth, vocalisms, drums). Yeah, this one will definitely see further development!

As I mentioned in the video, there was an alternate take this morning. Those interested in hearing at least part of the iterative process can listen to the clip below…

#JAMUARY2023-16 Take 1

I hope you’re enjoying the music, and I also hope you’re enjoying the variety of music being made by others. Here, again, are the links to #jamuary2023 content on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook:
Jamuary2023 on YouTube
Jamuary2023 on Instagram
Jamuary2023 on Facebook

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