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Do People Actually Make Music Anymore?

Yesterday, YouTuber Free Beat issued a challenge to his viewers to think of their three favorite pieces of synth gear, then find and comment on videos made using these items on small YouTube channels, and then choose one to link from Free Beat’s challenge video. I picked the Arturia Microfreak and Modal Electronics‘ SKULPTsynth SE…

By GerenM October 3, 2021 0

Crafty Little Synth

Back when I bought the Microfreak, I was also considering a virtual-analog synth from Modal Electronics called the Skulpt. At the time, the price was the same for both, and my sales rep suggested that I should put off buying the Skulpt, and get the Microfreak. Which I did. But, I still wanted the Skulpt.…

By GerenM July 13, 2021 0