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Crafty Little Synth

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Back when I bought the Microfreak, I was also considering a virtual-analog synth from Modal Electronics called the Skulpt. At the time, the price was the same for both, and my sales rep suggested that I should put off buying the Skulpt, and get the Microfreak. Which I did. But, I still wanted the Skulpt. So, yesterday, I ordered the latest version of the Skulpt, referred to as the Skulpt SE. Not sure exactly what the differences are, but I do know that the price was 2/3 the price of the original. And, so for just a little more than the [original] price of the Skulpt, I was able to also order Modal’s Craft Synth 2.0 as well.

It’s smaller than I thought it would be. They say that size doesn’t matter, though …

Of course, for reasons unknown, the two units were not shipped together, and both did not arrive together today. Spoiler alert: The Craft Synth arrived first, and the Skulpt isn’t expected until tomorrow. I have a band practice tomorrow night, so I probably won’t get to mess around with the Skulpt until Thursday.

These new synths (along with the older ones) will be the subjects for upcoming videos, so I’m not going to go into a lot of detail just now — I’ve only had the thing for a couple of hours, after all. But I have played around with it enough to figure out how to make a patch, control it with a couple of apps on the iPad, and get it recorded onto my PC.

To record this track, I used Fugue Machine for the sequence, and routed it’s MIDI to the Craft Synth over USB using AUM. Analog audio was piped directly into the line inputs on the MOTO M4, and recorded the track with Presonus Studio One 5.3.

I also managed this track, where the Craftsynth is used for everything except the drums. This was multitracked in Garageband on the iPad Air 2.

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