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Crumar Spirit: A Fabulous Italian Moog I’ll Never Own

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Way back in the day, Bob Moog designed a fabulous synth which was manufactured by Crumar in Italy. Very few were made then. And now, a few more are going to be made (100, to be exact) following the same design with but a few touch-ups

Behringer Pro-800 — Voice of the Prophets

Behringer has done a really nice job of capturing the essence of the Prophet-600 with the GliGli and even taken it a couple steps further. It is most certainly worth the $400USD price tag if you’re in the market for a great sounding, real analog, vintage-style synth module!

Wendy Carlos — My Introduction to Electronic Music

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I have, on many occasions, referred to Wendy Carlos as one of my introductions to the world of electronic music and synthesizers through her 1968 album Switched On Bach. It was Wendy who inspired Robert Moog to refine and perfect his Moog synthesizers, with which she recorded the album.

Modular … Thoughts Revisited

Several months ago, I wrote a piece outlining four reasons that I no longer wanted to build a modular rig. But, as I write this post today, on the sixth anniversary of the death of Keith Emerson, I’ve had a bit of a change of heart.

Uli Behringer Is Having Too Much Fun

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Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit that it’s good to see someone who is able to fulfill his dreams. As much as I love to hate on him, I have to admit that I’m more than a little envious.

Crafty Little Synth

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Back when I bought the Microfreak, I was also considering a virtual-analog synth from Modal Electronics called the Skulpt. At the time, the price was the same for both, and my sales rep suggested that… Read More »Crafty Little Synth

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