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Crumar Spirit: A Fabulous Italian Moog I’ll Never Own

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  1. Experimental Music School: A New Sound 1969
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  3. Crumar Spirit: A Fabulous Italian Moog I’ll Never Own

Way back in the day, Bob Moog designed a fabulous synth which was manufactured by Crumar in Italy. Very few were made then. And now, a few more are going to be made (100, to be exact) following the same design with but a few touch-ups. It sounds amazing. Here’s the story:

Back in July of 2001, Sound On Sound did a write-up on the Spirit. And, for those interested, here are all the Crumar Spirit videos currently on YouTube (plus whatever other garbage the YouTube search algorithm finds relevant, whether it is or not).

The pricing on the Spirit is outlandishly high, rivaling that of the current Minimoog release for one of the few new 2023 models. Originals cost even more. So sadly, I’ll likely never own one, unless someone gifts me one or Behringer release a “clone” or someone releases a software version.

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