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Crumar Spirit: A Fabulous Italian Moog I’ll Never Own

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Way back in the day, Bob Moog designed a fabulous synth which was manufactured by Crumar in Italy. Very few were made then. And now, a few more are going to be made (100, to be exact) following the same design with but a few touch-ups

Behringer Pro-800 — Voice of the Prophets

Behringer has done a really nice job of capturing the essence of the Prophet-600 with the GliGli and even taken it a couple steps further. It is most certainly worth the $400USD price tag if you’re in the market for a great sounding, real analog, vintage-style synth module!

Polybrute = Mind Blown

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I’ll say it again: Polybrute = Mind Blown. I mentioned earlier in the week, in my post about Korg’s update to the Wavestate, that I’d picked up a flagship-level analog synth. Well, now you know what it is: an Arturia Polybrute Noir Edition. And as… Read More »Polybrute = Mind Blown

My Perfect Synthesizer

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Over the years, I’ve given a lot of thought to my idea of the “perfect synthesizer.” Although some have come close, it has yet to come along. Let’s lay out my criteria for a perfect synth: 3 Digitally Controlled Analog Oscillators Each oscillator has Sine,… Read More »My Perfect Synthesizer

108 Shots Begin Now

One day last week, I glanced into the disaster area that is my “den” (thinking that I really must clean that mess out), and noticed a small box sitting on the floor. I don’t know how it got there, and at first glance, I wasn’t… Read More »108 Shots Begin Now

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