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Bernie Krause — Making the Moog Cool

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Bernie Krause could be considered a musical maverick, being among the first to recognize the possibilities of synthesizers in popular music and film scoring. With partner Paul Beaver, he founded Beaver & Krause, and the two published the Nonesuch Guide to Electronic Music, and also represented Moog in the western United States. Their initial efforts to interest record companies in synthesizers failed to garner much interest until they displayed the Moog at the Monterey Music Festival. One could say, the rest is history.

Beyond synthesizers, Krause went on to be one of the first to recognized the potential of making and using field recordings in music production, and has become a pioneer in the field of soundscape ecology.

This video about Bernie Krause was produced by Moog Music as the second episode of their GIANTS Music History Docuseries.

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