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Bernie Krause — Making the Moog Cool

  • Music

Bernie Krause could be considered a musical maverick, being among the first to recognize the possibilities of synthesizers in popular music and film scoring.

Wendy Carlos — My Introduction to Electronic Music

  • Music

I have, on many occasions, referred to Wendy Carlos as one of my introductions to the world of electronic music and synthesizers through her 1968 album Switched On Bach. It was Wendy who inspired Robert Moog to refine and perfect his Moog synthesizers, with which she recorded the album.

Isao Tomita — Pioneer of Electronic and Space Music

  • Music

Isao Tomita, best known simply as Tomita, was a Japanese composer and is regarded as one of the pioneers of electronic music and space music. He was among the most famous producers of analog synthesizer arrangements.

Rebuilding The Past

  • Music

When I was young, I listened to this radio… Or rather, one just like it. It wasn’t very powerful at only 15 watts per channel. And, it certainly wasn’t very fancy, with only basic controls,… Read More »Rebuilding The Past

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