A Little Synth History – Tom Oberheim

February 18, 2022 0 By GerenM
  1. A Little Synth History – Tom Oberheim
  2. Suzanne Ciani — Electronic Musician, Composer, Sound Designer
  3. Laurie Spiegel — Innovator of Electronic Music
  4. Top Of The Pops 1977 Synthesizer Special
  5. Daphne Orem – Oramics: Drawing Music
  6. Eliane Radigue — musique concrete to ARP and beyond
  7. Delia Derbyshire — The Sound Behind Dr. Who
  8. Isao Tomita — Pioneer of Electronic and Space Music
  9. Else Marie Pade — First Danish Composer of Electronic and Concrete Music
  10. Wendy Carlos — My Introduction to Electronic Music
  11. The History Of Electronic Music in Under Twenty-Four Minutes

This video, about the history of Oberheim synthesizers, popped up on my YouTube suggested videos feed, and this morning I took a little break and watched it. It’s a pretty interesting video if you’re at all interested in the music industry in general, and electronic music history in particular. GForce Software has dozens of YouTube videos on the topic, along with tutorials on various their software-synths and plugins emulating many famous analog synths. So, check out this video about Tom Oberheim, and then browse the rest of their videos. Or better yet, buy some of their software!