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LIVESTREAM: Back From Vegas, Baby, and Ready to JAM!

It’s uncharted territory again this time!

I’ve been on the road, but I’m back and ready to jam!

Dawesome Myth was lightly explored, along with the controversial Behringer Vintage. I obviously need to RTFM for Myth! But I found a really nice Myth preset to use as a pad to play the PolyBrute and Take 5 over, and that turned into a super-nice ambient jam. And then, I made the Take 5 angry, and played over that as well!

NOTE: At the start, there’s some chat about my recent trip to the National Association of Broadcasters convention, and some of the neat gizmos I saw. After that, there’s some live experimentation, and then, finally, music!

You can watch this here, or better still, head over to the YouTube channel and view it there so you can join in on the chat.

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