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LIVESTREAM 240408: No Plan! Space Ambient Mind Meld Jam (and stuff)

It’s uncharted territory this time around! No plan, just a Space Ambient Mind Meld Jam and chat.

The skinny: It was a fun time! Behringer’s new Vintage VST was mentioned and at least shown briefly. My license key hasn’t shown up yet, so I couldn’t play it. Behringer’s servers are really slow today. Maybe next time. Onward I plowed….

A couple of Meld presets were made from scratch and some sequencing and automation got started, I brought in the PolyBrute for some rhythmic interest, and played on the Take 5. And then we talked a bit about some synth stuff and some video stuff and a little bit about Ableton’s Push 3 (and Push 2).

And then I played the Take 5 some more. (@synthseeker wants a Take 5 now more than ever!).

You can watch this here, or better still, head over to the YouTube channel and view it there.

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