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LIVESTREAM: Wavetable Synthesis with Vital – Part III – Modulation Mayhem

Dive into the realm of wavetable lunacy with Vital! Uncover the illusion of complexity in modulation—once perplexing, now demystified! Learn to bend modulators for jaw-dropping audio trips. For full immersion, hop onto our YouTube channel and mingle in the chat during our trippy sound odyssey.

Wavetable Synthesis with Vital

Despite the technical issues, two presets did get built, so not all’s lost. One’s an interesting pad sound, the other a neat, simple pluck. They still need some finalizing, which we’ll do in a future livestream.

Forward Backward Upside Down

Another new piece of music. This work-in-progress came about while I was exploring Arturia’s Analog Lab Pro, and my collection of Native Instruments plug-ins. The inspiration came from the bassline found in Arturia’s Acid V (the player-only version included with Analog Lab). So, two tracks… Read More »Forward Backward Upside Down


Space-Ambient Drone music, perfect to put on in the background and veg out to. Enjoy! (UPDATED with corrected audio! IT sounds much better now!)

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