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NEW MUSIC: 23rd Winter No. 14

In the heart of the woods, where the trees whisper secrets of old, there lies a frozen lake as still as glass. From its icy depths, a figure of gothic beauty emerges, her presence as enigmatic as the moonlit night. She is the silent guardian of the forest, her eyes reflecting the stars above, and her steps leaving no trace on the snow’s surface. This ethereal being, draped in the dark elegance of the night, watches over the slumbering woods, a timeless spirit of the winter’s chill.

Much of my recent work has been outside the realm of the ambient genre I prefer to work in, and over the past couple of weeks, I had just hit a wall with nothing I made sounding at all worthwhile to me. For this piece, I decided that I needed to work my way back “home” to the music I enjoy making the most. While this isn’t a full return to ambient genres, it definitely takes some inspiration from previous ambient work. Specifically inspired by a live ambient jam I recorded in the winter of 2023, 23rd Winter No. 14 is created entirely “in the box” using a variety of instruments from Arturia, Dawesome, and Vital Audio, and effects from Minimal Audio, Variety of Sound, Polyverse Music, Lunacy Audio, and Ableton.

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