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LIVESTREAM: Jams and Rants from Yours Truly

A video wherein I grumble and groan about a problem in Ableton Live 12, and other things go oddly wrong, I press wrong buttons, and Ableton crashes on me and I have to reboot the PC (at least I wasn’t using OBS!). Still, there’s fun and some noodling with Arturia Analog Lab synths (including the new MiniBrute V) happens over a couple of strange drones from the PolyBrute and the Take 5. Come waste an hour-and-a-half with me! It’ll be fun!

Begin transmission
2:25 Show open/intro
4:55 The meat of my gripe
16:30 End of rant. Let’s play some music or something …
16:40 Where the drones are coming from
18:35 I released a new song on Bandcamp. Let’s talk about that for a minute and also a timeline for new music releases
23:25 Some live jamming and noodling
25:59 I try to start the percussion track, and all hell breaks loose! Let’s fix it! Where the devil is that MIDI coming from?!?
35:30 Back to making some noodles, after some quick asides about audio looping
39:45 Back to figuring out what’s got hold of the Take 5….
41:57 EUREKA! I found it! We’ll fix that again…
44:00 Let’s bring back the PolyBrute…
44:51 Back to musicing…
47:25 Let’s find a new lead synth in Analog Lab
47:50 A little about MiniBrute … and the history of Brutes.
48:22 New MiniBrute V! Tweak and play fun!
1:00:30 Fixin’ to call it a night … good nights and wrap up …
1:02:00 New track! 23rd Winter No. 14
1:04:02 But wait! LUKE IS HERE! So, we’re gonna recap and discuss some things again. 1:16:40 Ableton Live crashes! A little futzing around while I get a mic working again (maybe) and get the PC rebooted.
1:26:04 Possibility of a Synth Seeker road trip to The Disaster Room?
1:27:40 Goodnight for real this time. Here’s 23rd Winter No. 14 … again.
1:32:21 End of transmission

Next time on the stream, I’ll try to do a deconstruction of my newest song. We’ll see how that goes, since I may have to bring in a different computer to do it. Should be … interesting.

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