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NEW MUSIC: Morana’s Call

Beware Morana’s Call….

Morana, enigmatic goddess of winter, possesses an allure that transcends mere mortal’s understanding. Her eyes hold the depths of frozen lakes, and her touch carries the chill of snow-kissed winds. When she walks through the forest, trees lean closer, whispering secrets of ancient desire. Mortal women, drawn by curiosity and longing, find themselves ensnared in her icy gaze. They yearn for the taste of frost on their lips, the forbidden passion that blooms like frost flowers under her touch. Morana’s allure is both beautiful and treacherous—a dance on the edge of warmth and oblivion, where hearts can shatter like ice.

The heart of this track was recorded in January of 2023 with the idea that it might be revisited and completed at a later date. The original track was recorded with an Arturia MicroFreak Experimental Synthesizer processed through a Zoom G3n multi-effects pedal intended for use with electric guitars. Loops were built within the G3n, and the entire “mix” was recorded in a single pass using Audacity.

Final production was completed on June 15, 2024, in Ableton Live 12, with additional tracks added using Arturia’s MiniBrute V, MiniFreak V, and OP-Xa plug-ins, along with various effects plug-ins from Variety of Sound, Minimal Audio, Izotope, and others.

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