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Well Now, This is SUPER

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Superbooth is going on over in Berlin, and already, the news is spilling out. I’ve seen reports of a few interesting developments, but so far, nothing has excited me as much as the news that Arturia is rolling out another firmware update to the Microfreak.

Takeaways From #jamuary2023

For those who didn’t notice, I embarked upon a challenge in January to produce a music jam each day. In other words, 31 pieces of new music in 31 days. They didn’t have to be long. They didn’t have to be complete. They didn’t even have to be good. That wasn’t the point. The point was to make time every day to make music.


Today is Tuesday, the thirty-first day of #jamuary2023. This is it. One final jam. It is … over.

There will be more about the overall Jamuary2023 experience and my take-aways later. But not too much later, so stay tuned….


Hello. Today is Friday, the sixth day of #JAMUARY2023, and I’m back with another quick jam, again using the Arturia Microfreak and the Zoom G3n.


I almost gave up and bleep-blooped something in Ableton Live, but decided that I don’t really consider doing that a “jam”. So, I hooked the MicroFreak back up to the Zoom G3n and got busy.


My original plan was to record myself creating a MicroFreak patch, and then jam with it. It didn’t quite turn out that way.


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For the first time in, well, a lot of years, I’ve about finished a new piece of music. I’ll say that again. I’ve almost finished a new piece of music. To say that I’m excited by that would be an understatement. For those who have… Read More »Prelude

Arturia Gives More Freakiness!

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Arturia have announced another new update to the MicroFreak! Version 4 adds a new User Wavetable engine, enhances the sequencer, makes UI improvements, and more! MicroFreak really is the freak that keeps on freakin’!


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A couple of really exciting (to me, anyway) items in the synth world this week! Uno! Well, IK, really, have announced two new versions of their Uno Synth, called the Uno Synth Pro and the Uno Synth Pro Desktop. I thought the original model was… Read More »MUSIC NEWSFLASHES

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