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Wavetable Synthesis with Vital — Part III

Modulation in Vital can seem wild and wooly, but it’s really pretty straightforward, once you know how! I show you the secrets of modulating your modulators for way-out and groovy sounds!

No technical difficulties (beyond a brain fart or two) this time! So, in this installment I was able to demonstrate multiple methods of creating complex modulations in Vital. Then, some basic modulation got added in Ableton Live 12 to apply some “layer swapping”. And that’s where the brain fart came in — the price I paid for continuing to build on the same project file I’ve been using for all of the live streams this year! Seriously, it’s a mess!

Anyway, come along for the ride, and enjoy some flippy-trippy sound warps!

You can watch this here, or better still, head over to the YouTube channel and view it there.

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