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LIVESTREAM: The Droning Hour – Worldwide Internet Synth Jam

I’ve been off in uncharted territory frequently lately, and today was about as far into the weeds as I possibly could possibly go: a live jam with five musicians on a Jamtaba NinJam server, with four of us streaming simultaneously, and a fifth uploading an audio stream after the fact. One thing that’s interesting about this kind of jam is that, in order to compensate for internet delays, the system holds everything back a preset number of measures. Meaning, what I played wasn’t heard by anyone else until, in this case, 8 bars later. That led to some instances where we were playing over one another, a few cases where we were actually able to “trade eights” on leads, and some really interesting happy accidents that sounded like we were actually playing together with some sort of plan — like playing harmonized leads in time with one another. The delay also has the effect of each of the four streams being slightly different.

It was definitely a fun experience, and we’re already planning for the next one, which will probably be in a month or so. Thanks to all who participated!

Here are all of the streams that were produced. The Synth Seeker stream will also include the after party.

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