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Takeaways From #jamuary2023

For those who didn’t notice, I embarked upon a challenge in January to produce a music jam each day. In other words, 31 pieces of new music in 31 days. They didn’t have to be long. They didn’t have to be complete. They didn’t even have to be good. That wasn’t the point. The point was to make time every day to make music.


For day 14 of #jamuary2023, I had grandiose plans that were not to be. But still, there was jamming! And a new track with video!


It’s Friday! The 13th day of #jamuary2023! Today’s jam again features the Modal Electronics Cobalt 5S virtual analog synthesizer and, as always, the Zoom G3n multi-effects pedal.


Today is the twelfth day of #jamuary2023, and today I’m playing the Modal Electronics Cobalt5s, a cut-down version of their Cobalt8 virtual analog synthesizer.

What Sorcery is This?

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A couple of weeks back, I put up a fairly lengthy post about my idea of the perfect synthesizer … You may have inferred from my previous post that I was pretty smitten by the Modal Electronics Cobalt8 series. And who wouldn’t be?

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