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I don’t make new years resolutions, or at least, I haven’t. But since last year was so different, I’m going to be different this year.

Most of the time when people make resolutions, they do things like “improve my diet and lose 30 pounds” or “go to the gym three times a week” or “save an extra $100 a month” or some other such thing. Most of the time, people don’t manage to keep their resolutions. I wouldn’t, either.

So, I guess, instead of resolutions, I’m just going to try to get some things done that I’ve been needing to do for some time. Things like:

  • play more music instead of diverting energy to sound and
  • get the garage cleaned out (again) and
  • get my workshop in order and
  • finish the bathroom (remember the bathroom?) and
  • get my office/studio finished so I can
  • produce more webcasts on a regular basis and
  • actually take photographs and
  • whatever else I can manage to accomplish

I think you get the point. I’m just going to try to tighten up my life a bit.

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