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Movin’ In Time

I may or may not have expressed my disappointment with the iPhone 13 mini camera here. I honestly can’t remember. In any event, it’s generally pretty terrible. But, there are a couple of features that are pretty cool. I’d been wanting to try out the “long exposure” mode for a while, but a “traditional” opportunity hasn’t yet arisen.

On a drive back from IKEA this evening, the sky looked really cool, so I grabbed the phone an sorta balanced in on the steering wheel and took a few snaps. The camera app happened to be in “Live” mode, so I figured since I was cruisin’ at a pretty decent clip, I might try flipping the images to the long exposure setting and doing a few basic edits. I think they actually turned out pretty well. So, maybe that terrible little camera is useful for something.

Here’s a quickie video showing the “Live Photo” sources and edited “Motion Blur” effect images created from the clips:

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