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Free MiniFreak V Patch [UPDATED and UPDATED AGAIN]

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So I’ve spent a couple of hours today with the MiniFreak V app and made a couple of sounds. It is pretty deep. It still doesn’t excite me like the MicroFreak does, but it’s possible that it is because I don’t have the actual piece of hardware to fiddle with.

For those who’d like to try it, here’s a patch that should import into MiniFreak V, and should also work on the MiniFreak hardware. Note: It does use aftertouch to affect Cutoff, Oscillator 1 shape and LFO2 sync rate.

Here’s an updated version of the patch, which includes the sequence used in the video baked into the patch. Instant ambient — just hold a note, and the sequence will play based on the key you press.

For some reason, it sounds different when I use the MiniFreak V plug-in in Ableton Live, as opposed to playing with the patch in the stand-alone version of MiniFreak V. Here’s a sample recorded from the stand-alone application:

And here’s an audio clip from Ableton Live:

I do find it to be far more approachable than the Wavestate, but it is a much simpler synth, after all….

Homework for those with MiniFreaks or MiniFreak V is to use this patch in a song and share it somewhere (and of course, link it in comments for the rest of us to enjoy).

Happy Friday!

Another update. It’s Sunday morning now, and I’m cruising YouTube and I remembered that I have a great YouTube playlist chock full of MiniFreak wonderfulness…

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