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LIVESTREAM: The Droning Hour v2.0 – Return of the Worldwide Internet Synth Jam

Ooops, we did it again!

It’s a world-wide live jam with participants from all over the world! (well, that was one from the Department of Redundancy Department, wasn’t it…) Anything could happen here! Join the merry band as we venture into the sonic unknown yet again — once more, unto the breach! An hour of more …. ambient drone music like you’ve never heard before!

And, as last month, videos from everyone who streamed are her. Once again, Synth Seeker’s stream includes the afterparty:

Finally, here’s a time-aligned and nicely processed audio-only version of the jam. Thanks to our Jamtaba wizard, Jeff Hopkins, for this mixdown and all his hard work to make these live jams possible.

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