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No, I wasn’t live on YouTube this week, but I did create something new!

David Hilowitz released a couple of new instruments for Decent Sampler this past week, and I started fooling around with one of them — the Domra. DomraTEK is the result.

The domra is a traditional mandolin or mountain dulcimer-like instrument from Ukraine and surrounding areas. Traditionally, it’s either plucked or strummed. but David included a bowed version as well for his Patreon subscribers. So, the cello-like drone tones are the bowed sample. The off-kilter plucked part is the domra plucked instrument.

Everything else in this piece is also a Decent Sampler instrument, including the kalimba, the Vietnamese dan bau, the bass, and the drums. Effects are either Ableton stock effects or David’s Refractions pattern delay/reverb, with Ozone 11 Elements used for mastering.

Don’t forget to join me live on YouTube the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month at 8PM Eastern time. On the next stream, I’ll continue where I left off working up some patches in Vital.

Look for DomraTEK on my Bandcamp page.

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