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electronic music

Wendy Carlos — My Introduction to Electronic Music

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I have, on many occasions, referred to Wendy Carlos as one of my introductions to the world of electronic music and synthesizers through her 1968 album Switched On Bach. It was Wendy who inspired Robert Moog to refine and perfect his Moog synthesizers, with which she recorded the album.

Isao Tomita — Pioneer of Electronic and Space Music

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Isao Tomita, best known simply as Tomita, was a Japanese composer and is regarded as one of the pioneers of electronic music and space music. He was among the most famous producers of analog synthesizer arrangements.

Delia Derbyshire — The Sound Behind Dr. Who

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Perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of original early electronic might arguably be the theme music for the BBC’s Dr. Who. When the show debuted in 1963, the first thing everyone heard was the work of an “assistant” in the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop by the name of Delia Derbyshire.

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