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Synth News from Superbooth 2023

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In my post about the upcoming firmware update to the Arturia Microfreak yesterday, I also mentioned that Superbooth 2023 is going on now in Berlin. Unfortunately, I’m not there, so I can’t report directly on all the really cool things going on in the world of synthesizers. But, for those interested, here are a few links to excellent coverage:

Superbooth 2023 (official web site)
MATRIXSYNTH (web site)
SONICSTATE.COM (web site) (YouTube Channel)

Here’s Sonicstate’s Superbooth 2023 specific coverage:

I noticed that the folks at Sonicstate are so busy putting up videos that they’re not all getting categorized right away, so here’s a link to all their latest videos:

Of course, there are thousands of videos on YouTube. Just search for “Superbooth 2023” for a wide selection.

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