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Silent Sentinels

During World War II, German submarines, referred to as u-boats due to the designations given to them by the German navy, wrought havoc throughout the Atlantic, sinking allied ships, both civilian and military, almost with impunity. There was a great, founded, fear that the Germans were operating their submarines in American waters with great regularity, even into the Chesapeake Bay and reportedly New York Harbor, and as far south as the Gulf of Mexico. The waters of the Eastern Seaboard were not safe.

To help keep watch on coastal waters, various methods were employed in an effort to keep the subs at bay, including a dozen observation towers along the coast of Delaware. I’ve known about these towers since I was a young child but have never managed a moment to photograph them. With some spare time on our hands this afternoon, we drove up to Towers Beach to take in the beach and towers on a chilly, clear day.

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