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    Mirrorless Developments, Large And Small, At Photokina 2016

    It’s Photokina time again, and there’s been a lot of mirrorless news drifting back from Cologne. No, I didn’t get to go, but I have been following the reports with at least some interest. With all the excitement, I thought I might offer some thoughts on the state of mirrorless photography. The first MILC — Epson’s R-D1 Epson R-D1 No, this is not new at Photokina this year. But, I thought it might be interesting to reflect on just where we came from. The first commercial mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, and

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    You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)

    Pioneer PL-530 two-speed automatic turntable For those who have been following along, I have selected a turntable for my vintage stereo project. I mentioned previously that in my original system, I had a Pioneer PL-516, and that I had really wished I could have afforded at least a PL-518. Even better would have been the PL-530. The PL-530 was a direct drive, two-speed, fully automatic turntable. It featured separate pitch adjustments for 33 1/3 rpm and 45 rpm, and you could also choose between 7″, 10″, and 12″ record sizes. The

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    Hear The Light

    I took some old clothes and electronics (some fancy, modern stereo receivers I’ll never use) to the Goodwill drop-off this morning, and while I was there, I wandered into the store. Whenever I’m there, I wander around there to see if there are any good clothing buys, or the odd piece of cool retro artwork … or a good deal on some old camera or electronic gizmo. Today’s score was the Sony CDP-291 CD Player from back in 1991, for which I paid a sum total of $10.60 (including tax). While not as old/funky/cool

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    Bose Knows: The Highs And The Lows (A Review Of An Old Pair Of Speakers)

    In my last post, Rebuilding the Past, I mentioned that I was going to try to put together something akin to my first stereo system, and that I had a line on a Pioneer SX-450 receiver. Yesterday, I met with the Craigslist seller. After talking for 20 minutes or so, I decided he was on the up-and-up, and parted with a small amount of cash, collected my new/old receiver, and headed off down the road for the day’s adventures in computer shopping (which will be a subject of a later posting, I’m certain). Horrible iPhone picture of my

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    Rebuilding The Past

    Pioneer SX-450 Integrated Receiver c. 1978 When I was young, I listened to this radio… Or rather, one just like it. It wasn’t very powerful at only 15 watts per channel. And, it certainly wasn’t very fancy, with only basic controls, a couple of inputs, and an analog AM/FM tuner. But it sure sounded good. I think I chose the Pioneer because my Dad had a Pioneer, and because Pioneer had a very good reputation and their gear was reasonably priced. Along with the receiver, I had a Pioneer turntable and

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    Filling Gaps

    For some time, I’ve had this feeling that, somewhere along the lines, I missed something important. You see, many years ago, for various reasons, I decided to take a shortcut to a career. I was a horrible student in high school, and I was washing out of college, too, so I decided to attend a technical school (a really good one) to “fast track” my way into the wonderful world of high-tech and computers. It should be noted at this point, that I really didn’t want to go into computers. I really wanted to be in television production.

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    Fujifilm X-E2(S) Impressions

    I mentioned a few days ago that I had decided to pull the trigger on a bargain-priced Fujifilm X-E2 body, and apply the version 4.0 firmware to get pretty close to a cheap X-E2s.  I received the camera a day after ordering from Adorama, and immediately loaded the firmware. To say that there’s a big difference between the new camera and my X-E1 is an understatement! There are literally dozens of changes, and it’s taken me a fair amount of time to set things up the way I think I want them. I’m still not sure I’ve

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