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Missed It By That Much…

When I bought the little Sony RX100m3, and later the Sony a6100, a part of the reason for selecting them was that they are compact cameras that I could carry with me all the time. Admittedly, the a6100 is a little harder to carry than the RX100, but still, it’ll fit in the compartment in the center console of my car. So, I was wholly annoyed with myself yesterday when, while on my way to visit a client, I came across a scene that was screaming, “take a picture over here!”

The light was perfect. The scene was perfect. And, while I was running a few minutes late, I still could have stopped to make the picture. But, my cameras were at home, on the shelf. Of course, the scene’s not going anywhere, but the moment was lost. Never again will the light be what it was. It was an opportunity lost.

This morning, I did go out to take the picture because, dammit, I haven’t taken a picture in over two weeks.

Yesterday was sunny, and the sidelight was streaming in from the left (I’m looking almost due south here), and the color of the morning light was pretty stunning. At least today, the encroaching overcast is somewhat interesting.

Of course, had I stopped, I probably would have been really late for the client visit, as more opportunities would have presented themselves. Even today yielded another chance to make a photograph between where I could park and the “main scene.” This, too, would have benefitted greatly from the strong sidelight of yesterday’s mid-morning sun.

So, lesson learned: carry the damned camera!

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