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FREE _Efx Plug-in From Arturia (Limited Time)

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Free until January 4, 2024, is Arturia’s newest _Efx offering. Called Refract, it’s a unique “super unison” effect with a twist or two.

I’ve only just begun to fool around with Refract. It seems to be great at any chorus/flange/phase effect and adds some interesting modulation and modifications for some really unique output. Information and download instructions are here.

UPDATE: Here’s a quick demo of some of the presets included with Refract (and I learned something cool about Ableton Live, too!). In this case, I’m using the Ableton Live “Waveform” synth with a simple patch consisting of two saw waves run through Cluster Delay and then EFX Refract (as pictured above). The Refract preset is manually changed roughly every 4 bars.

Of course, I’ve got a YouTube playlist for you.

NOTE: I have no affiliation with Arturia, other than being a customer. But, I think they’re a great company that makes great products. Any Arturia products that have been mentioned on this site are ones that I have purchased with my own money. That said … if the good folks at Arturia ever feel compelled to send me anything, I’ll happily accept. And, should that happen and I produce a web post or video about it, any support, sponsorship, or renumeration will be plainly indicated.

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