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Hear The Light

I took some old clothes and electronics (some fancy, modern stereo receivers I’ll never use) to the Goodwill drop-off this morning, and while I was there, I wandered into the store. Whenever I’m there, I wander around there to see if there are any good clothing buys, or the odd piece of cool retro artwork…

By GerenM July 2, 2016 0

Rebuilding The Past

When I was young, I listened to this radio… Or rather, one just like it. It wasn’t very powerful at only 15 watts per channel. And, it certainly wasn’t very fancy, with only basic controls, a couple of inputs, and an analog AM/FM tuner. But it sure sounded good. I think I chose the Pioneer…

By GerenM June 22, 2016 0

Building A Successful Band

Fair warning. This one’s going to take a while… I’m usually not a fan of “listicles”; web articles that are number lists of things you must (or must not) do to be successful at one thing or another. But I did find some at recently that I’d like to discuss for a while. All…

By GerenM January 2, 2016 0