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2017 Chesapeake Bay Buyboat Show

We spent a wonderful, if wet, day yesterday at the Chesapeake Bay Buyboat Show at Somers Cove Marina in Crisfield, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  In addition to the boat show, which featured a dozen or so restored and/or working Chesapeake Bay boats, there’s a really neat little museum in Crisfield with displays showing the history of the town and its importance in the history of America’s seafood industry, the Bay, and the region.

All photos taken with a Fujifilm X-E2 and XF18-55mm lens in JPEG mode with Astia film simulation applied, and then edited in Snapseed on an iPad Air 2.

We didn’t take any pictures around town in Crisfield this visit — I have in the past, and we’ll probably go back down, but we were left wondering how much longer the “town” of Crisfield will survive. Many of the buildings on Main Street are vacant and dilapidated, as are a huge number of the residences. It’s definitely not the quaint-if-smelly town I remember from when I was young, and you could still find huge piles of oyster shells around.

On the way from Crisfield to Berlin, we came across a really neat old building that we may want to go back and photograph. I did manage to grab a quick iPhone picture before “traffic” forced us to move on. I didn’t even try to shoot that with the Fuji, because I was more interested in getting the geotag so we can go back — the whole town there is begging to be photographed. 

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