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2 GAIAs — Some Thoughts on Roland’s New GAIA 2 Synth

I have, in the past, mentioned the Roland GAIA synthesizer, and have said that it could well be a “perfect” synth. Indeed, during its 13 years of production, it was a preferred instrument for teaching about synthesis and sound design in schools and universities everywhere. So, I was naturally quite interested when Roland announced the GAIA 2.

What Happens at Knobcon…

  • Music

As you may or may not know, I’ve been to Knobcon, the annual electronic music convention held each September in Schaumburg, Illinois. It’s probably America’s biggest synth festival, and attracts manufacturers and electronic musicians and synth-tubers from all over the country and even some from… Read More »What Happens at Knobcon…

My Perfect Synthesizer

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Over the years, I’ve given a lot of thought to my idea of the “perfect synthesizer.” Although some have come close, it has yet to come along. Let’s lay out my criteria for a perfect synth: 3 Digitally Controlled Analog Oscillators Each oscillator has Sine,… Read More »My Perfect Synthesizer

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