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And Now For Something Not Entirely Different

Fooled around some with trying to create some ambient/Berlin School music today, and came away with something I rather liked. No name for it yet, and it’s not quite finished, but I thought I’d share since it’s been a minute since I did anything musical besides play cover tunes with the bands. This is kind…

By GerenM May 20, 2022 0

Do People Actually Make Music Anymore?

Yesterday, YouTuber Free Beat issued a challenge to his viewers to think of their three favorite pieces of synth gear, then find and comment on videos made using these items on small YouTube channels, and then choose one to link from Free Beat’s challenge video. I picked the Arturia Microfreak and Modal Electronics‘ SKULPTsynth SE…

By GerenM October 3, 2021 0

Are The Teenage Engineering Kids Alright?

I’ve added another new device to my music-making arsenal. Well, two, really. Both are from a company called Teenage Engineering, a small company well known for their calculator-like Pocket Operator series of miniature synthesizer/beat-boxes. To be honest, I really had no plans to buy anything from Teenage Engineering. I’ve always thought their stuff was neat,…

By GerenM September 12, 2021 0