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Jamuary 2024 Day Twelve

It’s that time of year again: #jamuary2024 twelfth day!

What’s up for today’s stream? It’s another great big bowl of noodles and drones! More fun with the new Native Instruments Kontrol S49 MkIII and Komplete, along with Ableton Live and my Sequential Take 5 and Arturia PolyBrute — in no particular order.

Jamuary 2024 Day Ten

Evening musical shenanigans returned for the tenth day of Jamuary, 2024. It was, indeed, another whacky evening of Geren mashing on keys and making more electronic music noises and pontification.

It’s Jamuary Again! Day One

It’s that time of year again, and I’m going to be at it again — or at least try to. Today’s stream features the Native Instruments Kontrol S49 MkIII controlling a hybrid configuration consisting of Ableton Live and a mixture of hardware and software synths.

Forward Backward Upside Down

Another new piece of music. This work-in-progress came about while I was exploring Arturia’s Analog Lab Pro, and my collection of Native Instruments plug-ins. The inspiration came from the bassline found in Arturia’s Acid V (the player-only version included with Analog Lab). So, two tracks… Read More »Forward Backward Upside Down


Since the weekend’s working environment was far less than ideal, I decided to go another round with Rounds today. I think this result is a little more pleasing.


It’s #jamuary2023 day 22, and it’s been another day away from the studio. That means another day of musical mayhem created in-the-box with Ableton Live and plug-ins from Native Instruments’ Komplete.

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