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When I got up this morning, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for #jamuary2023 today. It’s the 24th day, by-the-way. As of last night, I hadn’t planned on using the Wavestate at all. But, lacking a plan leads to rash decisions. And so …


Since the weekend’s working environment was far less than ideal, I decided to go another round with Rounds today. I think this result is a little more pleasing.


It’s #jamuary2023 day 22, and it’s been another day away from the studio. That means another day of musical mayhem created in-the-box with Ableton Live and plug-ins from Native Instruments’ Komplete.


The 20th day of #jamuary2023 marks my 60th trip around the sun, and again features the Korg opsix, Boss RC-3 looper, the Zoom G3n, and the Behringer Flow8 in a simple ambient jam.


On this nineteenth day of #jamuary2023, I get pretty trippy with the Korg opsix, the Boss rc-3, and effects from the Zoom g3n and Behringer Flow8 mixer/interface.


A busy day, so my #jamuary2023 day 18 jam’s a little later than usual. It’s another day of just me and the opsix and the keys of G.


It’s the 15th of #jamuary2023! Mid-way-ish through the month, and time for a new synth to play with! We’ll be starting this week out with the Korg opsix altered FM synthesizer. And what a neat beast it is!


For day 14 of #jamuary2023, I had grandiose plans that were not to be. But still, there was jamming! And a new track with video!

Going Live in 11

  • Music

After years of just plain not being able to grasp anything about the way Ableton Live works, I was finally able to come to some grips with the software.

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