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Status of Korg Kronos DVD-ROM Images, System Updates, and Manauls

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  1. Korgs I’ve Owned Part 1 — DS-8 and SQD-8
  2. Korgs I’ve Owned Part 2 — X2
  3. Korgs I’ve Owned Part 3 — X50
  4. Korgs I’ve Owned Part 4 — PS60
  5. Korgs I’ve Owned Part 5 — Kross 2
  6. Korgs I’ve Owned Part 6 — Kronos 2
  7. Kronos’ Public Debut
  8. Necessity’s Child
  9. Korg KRONOS 2 Discontinued!
  10. Korgs I’ve Owned Part 7 — Wavestate: A Most Versatile Sound Creation Tool
  11. Korgs I’ve Owned Part 8 — Opsix: A New Approach to FM
  12. The State of Wave[state]
  13. Watchin’ Your [op]six…
  14. Status of Korg Kronos DVD-ROM Images, System Updates, and Manauls

For a number of years, I have maintained an archive of Korg Kronos DVD-ROM images, system updates, and manuals. I set this archive up to maintain availability of the files when Korg was having issues with their own web site. In the meantime, Korg have greatly improved their own site, and have reinstated all of the disk images, updates, and manuals.

Since I no longer own a Kronos and have never really been able to effectively provide support on Korg’s behalf, I have removed the archive from my site as of today. Korg’s official support pages for the Kronos may be found at the following address (KORG US SITE): Downloads | KRONOS | KORG (USA).

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