Band Music

by Greg, Lynette, Robert, Steve, Dennis, Geren, and Bruce

7Souls is one of my current musical projects, and it’s the biggest band I’ve ever been in — there are six other really talented musicians … and me. Hence, the name.

Find out more about the band at our website and follow us on Facebook.

by Ken, Ronnie, Erik, Geren, Wayne

A few live recordings with the band, including some from a show at Wilcom’s Inn before they closed in the spring of 2015. We understand that we were the last band to play there.

I left Power Project several years ago, and the group has since disbanded.

by Pat, Frank, Shane, Ray, Geren, Tom

This is a group of songs I recorded with the band Wicked Sun. The demo was tracked in a day in our bass player’s studio, and he mixed them down over the course of the next week or so.

Wicked Sun’s founder and lead guitarist, Frank Bottari, passed away March 5, 2016, after a long illness. Frank was a consummate pro, who always had a smile and positive word for his friends and band-mates.

by Any The Wiser (members have included John, Emily, Steve, Mark, Shane, Roy, Geren, Lee, and Joe)

Any The Wiser is a band of friends, and some of us go back to the mid ’70s. And some of these recordings go back to the roots of the band when it was known variously as The Honey Badgers, Emily and the Manthers, or for one show only, Children of the World Co-op (don’t ask).