Korg Kronos Manuals

December 27, 2021 0 By GerenM

Some folks are also having problems finding the manuals for the Kronos on the Korg website. Korg has been reworking large sections of their website, and some things have broken. So, here are the English versions for download.

Document NameDownload FileFile Size
Kronos Quick Start GuideKRONOS_Quick_Start_E9.pdf752KB
Kronos Operations GuideKRONOS_Op_Guide_E10.pdf5.9MB
Kronos Parameter GuideKRONOS_Param_Guide_E9.pdf19.8MB
Kronos Voice Name ListKRONOS_VNL_EFGSJ4.pdf1.5MB
PCG Tools ManualManual PCG Tools.pdf8.5MB
External SetupsKRONOS_ExtSetups_E1.pdf210KB
Print-optimized version of Parameter Guide
Kronos Parameter Guide Pt1KRONOS_Param_Guide_E9 PART 1.pdf302.7MB
Kronos Parameter Guide Pt2KRONOS_Param_Guide_E9 PART 2.pdf312.2MB
Kronos Service ManualKorg-KRONOS-Service-Manual-v2-0-2012.pdf25.3MB