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Fujifilm X-T10 And 35mm F/2 WR First Impressions

I had the opportunity to shoot with the Fujifilm X-T10, and the not-yet-available 35mm f/2 WR lens for several hours today. In general, I really liked the combo. Although I had my X-E1 and 18-55mm f/2.8-4 OIS with me, I did not swap the lenses around today. I may sign out the lens again tomorrow, and see how it responds on the X-E1.

Fujiflm X-T10 and XF 35mm f:2 R WR


Like my other commentaries on gear, I’ll be staying away from the tech specs, and will briefly describe my impressions of the gear in use, starting with the camera itself.

The first thing I noticed about the X-T10 was that, while the body is tiny, it still feels really good in my hands. It tends to feel a little bigger than it actually is, and this may be in part to the very solid construction. The layout and feel of the primary controls doesn’t hurt, either — they’re in the right places, and generally feel really solid. The exception might be the little command wheels, which I think turn and press just a little to easily.

The camera was loaded with the very latest firmware (possibly pre-release) so that it would work with the 35mm f/2 lens. Autofocus was quite fast and generally quite accurate.  I would say that focusing performance was better than the likes of a Canon 70D. One thing I found odd was that face-detection didn’t seem to want to work on vertical shots.

As small as the camera is, the electronic viewfinder was large and bright. Lag was barely perceptible.

The only thing, for me, that would be better would be either an X-E3, or the full “version 4” firmware update being made available for the X-E2. If neither of those things happen, the X-T10 would be the camera I’d upgrade to.

35mm f/2 WR

The 35mm f/2 is a great match for the X-T10. It’s small and light and fast. It’s also simultaneously super-sharp, but with nice, creamy bokeh.The angle of view is what is considered to be a “normal” lens on an APS-C sensor, and it acts surprisingly like I remember a 50mm f/1.8 lens acting on a full-frame camera. I think I like this lens better than the amazing 35mm f/1.4 I looked at last year.

The 35mm f/2 definitely goes on my shopping list once it becomes available!

Okay, so, enough words. Here are a few snapshots, taken at Photo Plus Expo. These are pretty much straight from the camera, with minimal touch up using Photos on my iPad Air 2.

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